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Chatter Box: Tell Your Tall Travel Tales

April 15, 2010

WYS? Travel Conversational Cards

When it’s not a been-there, done-that contest, I love the art of travel talk.

Lately, my favorite dinner game has been: You have unlimited time, an unlimited budget, and an air ticket that will take you eight places in the world, where would you go?

(Today’s answer: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Morocco, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Australia)

Now I know where to turn when this gets old: WYS? Travel Conversational Cards by Corban and Blair.

These cards are packed with fun questions to trigger great memories and inspire the storyteller in us all.

On the road or at the dinner table, this beautiful box of cards will remind you of the rewards of life outside of the box.

WYS? (What’s Your Story) Travel Conversational Cards

  • 50 cards
  • bright, vintage postcard design theme
  • boxed with ribbon tab on pull-out card tray

$25 available here.

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