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Cleared for Take-Off: Can-Do Cosmetic Cases

February 21, 2010

Kate Spade Par Avion Cosmetic Case | PKOH Travel bottles

These days, air travel can wreak havoc on our cosmetic cases.  Luckily, these two items will earn the approval of both your fashionista friends and your fellow Transport Security Administrators.  Kate Spade’s par avion cosmetic case will let you bypass those plastic baggies at airport security in see-through style. Inspired by classical airmail stamps, it invokes the romance of a bygone era with the convenience of modern travel needs.  Crafted in pvc with functional carrying tabs and vinyl piping, Kate Spade will have you air-mail ready in no time.

6.4″h x 8.7″w x 3″d. Zipper closure. 14-karat gold plated hardware. $50.

With Paul Koh, the lowly plastic travel bottle gets a bright new look.  These bulb-like silicone bottles make it easy to travel with your favorite lotions and potions.  Their design is both fun and functional, with an integral O-ring to prevent leaks and a widemouth neck for easy filling and cleaning.  Their clever upside-down cap and Easy Squeeze valve makes for no fuss, no muss, good-till-the-last-drop liquids and gels.

Comes in a package of two. 2 fluid ounces each. $22.

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