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BYOB: Bring Your Own Biennale, but Please Wear Flats

February 19, 2010

I recently came across an ad for City Mobilization: BYOB (Bring Your Own Biennale), Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s Bi-City Biennale on Urbanism and Architecture that is currently being held in Hong Kong.

BYOB: City Mobilization Biennale poster

The ad got my attention primarily because of its inclusion of a funny little icon with the words “high heels not recommended when visiting” beside it.

In the land of the uber-branded and fashion-conscious?! Good luck.

That said, I am really digging both this little promotional video for the Biennale:

And the hkszbiennale website, which has creative ways to engage to public in thinking about their environment, such as the “Bring Your Own Brilliance” cards (which may owe a debt of gratitude to Arup’s Drivers of Change cards):

BYOB: Bring Your Own Brilliance cards

I’ll admit it: I love Hong Kong.  I love its spectacular skyline, the drama of the harbor, its East-meets-West-meets-the-future feel… but I don’t necessarily think of it as the most creatively engaged of places.  All the more reason to award kudos to BYOB, which seems, high-heeled or otherwise, to have hit the ground running.

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